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How to Find the Best Food When Traveling

por Elsie Mendez Enriquez

Most people look forward to traveling every year whether it’s around the holiday season or summer vacation. Traveling helps people relax and unwind from their tough daily routines. For some, it serves as a great experience to explore places while learning about different cultures. Besides this, some have also started traveling blogs and vlogs and earn remotely as they show around different places.

No matter your purpose of traveling, food is an essential part of any trip or journey. Finding good food options in a foreign country can be a challenging task especially if you went there for the first time. With a little bit of research and a good eye for quality food, you can enjoy your traveling experience.

Here are some tips to help you find the best food when traveling.

Good Food Travel

Do Your Research

The type of food that you normally enjoy may not be available in the country that you are planning to visit. So, before you go, make sure to research the food and culture of the places. You may find that they serve different and unique dishes.

Some counties even have specific times for breakfast and lunches and won’t serve them after closing time. For example, in Spain, you will have to wait for dinner after 8 pm since most places don’t open until late.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the best ways to find good local food is to ask the people who live there. If you are staying at a hotel, then you can ask the receptionist. When going around in a taxi, you can ask the taxi driver about famous places to eat around.

If you are traveling to the US, you can join a food tour to find delicious food in the destination you are visiting. That is one of the best way to discover the best places.

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Visit the Local Market

If you are looking for budget-friendly options, then you can visit local markets for fresh produce and cheap tasty meals. It is also a great way to interact with the locals and learn more about the places that you wish to explore.

Since every country is known for a few food items that are the best gown there, you can get a chance to enjoy the special item. For example, Italy is known for its fresh tomatoes and porcini mushrooms.

Look for Food Blogger Online

You can look for advice from food bloggers and influencers. and have experience trying out food wherever they go. These days you can find many food influencers posting Youtube shorts where they show around the restaurants and rate the food so that their viewers know about the best places to find good food.

In the era of the internet, getting help online is a time-saving strategy and you can gain the information in a matter of seconds.

Use Google Maps for Restaurants

Since you are already traveling to a new country, you would want to avoid visiting faraway places just to eat. You can use Google Maps to mark the food places near the sites that you are visiting so that you can avoid high-traffic areas.

You can even search for famous restaurants and add the locations to your Google Maps so that you can find them easily.


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