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La Puertecita, the First Boutique Hotel in Mexico

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By Carlos Dragonne @carlosdragonne

When we refer to La Puertecita (“the little door”) as the first boutique hotel in Mexico, it has nothing to do with a category ranking, but rather the fact that this was the first boutique hotel that watched the birth and development of the country. It remains today in Mexico as an international level hotel.

La Puertecita, is the dream of someone who, after years of experience in the hospitality industry, decided to found the first boutique hotel in Mexico, something that had not been previously created. And it was in San Miguel de Allende where his adventure began.

Making each guest feel at home is what prevails in this luxurious space, and it is achieved in every detail. As visitors of the hotel, we experienced this attention when we decided to enjoy a few days of pleasure and rest.

What initially began as a house with only a few rooms to receive a privileged number of guests, today has a new area that undoubtedly makes us feel at home. Each of these suites are like small apartments with all the comforts that one could have when the stay is longer than usual. There are those who have even said that these are bigger than their first apartments!

Lobby La Puertecita

The staircase from the entrance leads to a lobby that looks like a friend’s living room, receiving us with refreshing drinks; wine, beer, water, just as we do when visitors arrive to our home. Included, of course, are some salty snacks or sweet cookies, depending on the time of arrival.

Nestled in a spectacular ravine, the hotel is surrounded by trees, flowers, fountains and waterfalls. The soft murmur of water accompanies us day and night, introducing us to that peace that we all desire. The dream place.

Each room has a fireplace, a small living room with a TV, dining room, kitchenette and the bathroom with a tub (most with double sinks and others with jacuzzi). There is the option that suites are connected by an additional room, for families or groups of friends who wish to share suites. If I had discovered this place when I was traveling with my young children it would undoubtedly have been one of my favorite places to share with them at least once a year. I think there is a new space in our agenda with this hotel for family reunions.

Sala y comedor habitaciones La Puertecita

Waking up in the morning to go out to the balcony and have a privileged view is something that one rarely has the fortune of being able to experience day to day in a big city. The birds singing, the sound of the water running in the fountains and the stream gave me that feeling that there are still places where time stops– places that give you an opportunity to recharge.

Their famous chilaquiles are the best to start the day with. Of course you should not forget to ask for sweet bread and more cookies that are baked right there in the hotel.

San Miguel Allende has a lot to discover and it is always a pleasure to take a walk through the center. However, this time, we prefered to stay in our room and enjoy the tranquility that we got from staying in our pajamas and going from the bed to the armchair to read or watch movies and back to bed to continue resting.

Habitcion La Puertecita

In addition to breakfast, the cuisine for lunch and dinner of La Puertecita is excellent. So there was no need to leave when hunger told us that it was time to order something again, and continue in the comfort of our small apartment that we hadn’t left in days

Undoubtedly it would have been the perfect place to extend a trip. If it had not been for the commitments that required our the return Mexico City, there I would be, in my pajamas, sat between the armchair and the bed.

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