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Wine Pairing: the best for Chiles en Nogada (Mexican Food)

por Elsie Mendez Enriquez

By Elsie Méndez

Finding the best wine pairing for the Chiles en Nogada and the wines that fit them best, is a task that I do with all of my love. This typical Mexican dish, that some consider it a delight (I certainly do), and for some others, not that much, creates a lot of controversy from tie to time. However, on this article, we will only focus on the wines that stand out the Chiles en Nogada’s flavor and textures.

maridaje para chiles en nogada

Everyone is free to try new things and combinations when it comes to wine and food, but after years of asking and following the recommendations of numerous sommeliers, chefs and restaurant owners, I feel secure enough to recommend what has been better on our search of the ultimate wine pairing with the Chiles en Nogada.

Wine pairing: Chiles en Nogada and white wine

Dry, white wines. are the best to accompany Chiles en Nogada, due to the balance it provides to the sweet flavor of the chili’s filling, and it comes out to be ideal to the milk flavor of the nogada (sauce made of nuts and various spices) and the cover of fried, whipped egg yolk. I personally recommend the Classic Monopole, from CVNE, which has a very particular addition of chamomile, that provides the wine with a very special smell and notes, ideal to accompany the chili.

mejores vinos para chiles en nogada

Rosé Wines: the best to accompany the Chiles en Nogada

I have discovered that the best wine pairing for Chiles en Nogada is the rosé wine. The fresh and acid characteristics of this wine, along with the sweet, creamy and powerful from the chili’s ingredients, create a cheerful and perfect harmony that your palate will witness. Without a doubt, my favorite option for a rosé, is the Casa Madero V Rosado, semi-dry, with a touch of herbs, that refreshes and makes the next bite more enjoyable.

mejores vinos para chiles en nogada

Sparkling Wines to pair the Chiles en Nogada

In the last years, some sommeliers and experts found out that champagne brut, extra brut, and sparkling, dry wines were the pefect pairing for the Chiles en Nogada. Together, they create an extremely interesting flavor experience. Going from the Mural de los Poblanos (wall of the Puebla people), to Nicos, in Mexico City, they have created special menus for the tasting of this elegant dish, that include champagne from entreé to dessert. The one I’m looking forward to, to start the season, is the one offered by René Rentería and Gerardo Vásquez Lugo, with the exquisite Louis Roederer champagne.

mejores vinos para chiles en nogada

Include sherry not only in the recipe, but in your glass as well

One of the mos interesting wine pairing for Chiles in Nogada, are the DO Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry, specially the Amontillados. The subtle and delicated smell that those wines have, as well as their herbal and almonds flavors, fit perfectly with the filling of the chili, the creamy nogada and the slightly acid taste of the pomegranate. The expert, Raul Vega, recommended us the Amontillado Sherry, Príncipe de Barbadillo, to enjoy this  wine pairing.

There will always be a new, better wine pairing than the previous one, and even some adventurers that will try using red wine, despite the negative response of the experts I asked for, about doing this. The most important thing is to remain loyal to your personal preference, and enjoy the moment without thinking about the pressure of doing it right, because, again, everything is valid and what really matters is how good it feels in your palate.

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