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Where to Stay in Sonoma. The Best Bed & Breakfasts and Inn’s

por Elsie Mendez Enriquez

By Elsie Méndez

For one reason or another, the majority of the time we end up staying at chain hotels and sometimes Boutique Hotels. For this trip to Sonoma we decided to stay at one of those small and exquisite properties known as Inn’s and Bed and Breakfasts. We found some options that offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences in a romantic destination in California. Here are my recommendations for where to stay in Sonoma.

Donde hospedarse en Sonoma

Before starting with our list of favorites, I’d like to clarify what an Inn is, and what a Bed & Breakfast is, and the difference between hotels and resorts. Inns are properties that are sometimes operated by their owners and can have more than 10 rooms. They may offer breakfast and dinner. They usually have more amenities for the guests, and can even offer wedding services or host similar events. They are larger than a Bed & Breakfasts.

A Bed and Breakfast is a property that is operated by its owners, who sometimes live on the property. Breakfast is practically an obligation, and not just coffee or tea like some hotels offer throughout the day. The number of rooms is smaller, and they usually do not exceed 10 rooms.

It used to be common for Bead and Breakfasts and Inns to be the more affordable options. However, this has changed in recent years because now there are properties that are listed as historic buildings, witch decoration and amenities that are antiques, with special and unique decorations for each room. In addition to being located in the vicinity of important and popular places such as the vineyards in the Sonoma region of California.

This is why some of the Inn’s and Bed and Breakfasts in Sonoma that we share in our list of favorites might have higher rates than chain hotels. Here are our top picks after spending two weeks of travel in the wine region of Sonoma County, California.

Where to Stay in Sonoma, CA

Donde hospedarse en Sonoma

The Gables Wine Country Inn

Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA

The Gables Wine Country Inn was the place that caused us to change all of our plans and cancel our reservations at hotel chains. It is where we learned about what a Bed & Breakfast really has to offer.

The Gables Wine Country Inn is a luxury Bed and Breakfast located in a Gothic Victorian house built in 1877. The property is part of the National Register of Historic Places in the United States. It is located in the center of Sonoma Country, the award-winning wine region of California, in the city of Santa Rosa. Each of its 9 rooms are beautifully decorated and offer a unique, relaxed rural experience. The breakfast is truly exceptional and is prepared with local products and ingredients, some of which are even grown on the property.

The Inn is near the fabulous Weill Hall at the Green Music Center, one of the best places to enjoy symphonic music. It is also very close to Sonoma State University, the Armstrong Woods State National Reserve (a giant redwood forest), and nearby wineries located in the Russian River area, and on the Sonoma coast.

Pam and Larry Willis, are the owners and innkeepers. They are dedicated to serving all of the needs of their visitors and will do everything possible to ensure that your stay at The Gables Wine Country Inn is just as memorable ours was.

For more information and reservations visit:

Applewood Inn

Guerneville, Sonoma, CA

The Applewood Inn has the charm of a Mediterranean villa. It invites visitors to escape the real world and enter its peaceful romantic hideaway in Sonoma. The Belden House -the original house- was built in 1922 with a Neocolonial (Hispanic-American) architectural style and later transformed into a mega luxurious bed and breakfast in 1985. It is a Historic Monument of Sonoma County.

This magnificent Inn is composed of three villas: The Villa Casa Grande that has nine rooms; La Piccola House with eight rooms (one with a spectacular Jacuzzi); and the Country House with three rooms. It is pure luxury and comfort, surrounded by the magical Sequoia trees and six acres of fruit trees that the property is named after.

The culinary experience of the Applewood Inn has had the honor of receiving Michelin stars and it continues to pay special attention to this aspect of service. One can taste exquisite cuisine made with local ingredients, some from the garden and farm, all organic products of the highest quality.

The Applewood Inn is a Resort and Spa of colossal luxury in the Sonoma Wine Country within the Russian River Valley. This ecological complex is a sanctuary of tranquility and intimacy, as well as a portal to world-class wineries, the mystical Russian River, the dramatic coast of Sonoma, and the millennial Armstrong Redwood Forest.

For more information and reservations click here

Inn At Occidental

Occidental, Sonoma, CA

The Inn At Occidental is a Bed & Breakfast located in the city of Occidental, very close to the Sonoma coast and the city of Guerneville. It is an unbeatable place for a memorable getaway in the Sonoma Wine Country, where you can leave your worries and daily routine behind. You will be able to live moments of absolute relaxation while in the hands of the kind owners and staff who are always attentive; You can enjoy the wonderful cuisine of California, and of course, exceptional wines from the area.

The rooms and property are carefully designed with pieces have been part of the heritage of the family of Jerry Wolsborns, the owner. There are antiques, replicas, and wonderful original works of art that create a charming atmosphere in every corner.

As part of their amenities, you can enjoy an afternoon on the terrace and in the gardens with wines from the region. And you will always find fresh tea and coffee at your disposal.

The unique atmosphere of Inn at Occidental, combined with its hospitality and knowledge of everything related to Sonoma, will make your stay here unforgettable. We never found a good time to leave.

Children and pets are welcome.

For more information and reservations click here

Raford Inn

Healdsburg, CA

The Raford Inn is located in the Russian River Wine Valley area of ​​Sonoma County, just half a mile from the Russian River and 15 minutes by car from the main square of the city of Healdsburg. The Raford Inn is a cozy Bed and Breakfast on a south-facing hillside, overlooking the sprawling vineyards of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay of the Russian River valley. It is surrounded by mountains of the redwood forests with a spectacular view in all directions. This property was part of a Victorian plantation from 1880. It is a working vineyard with towering palm trees that are home to some of the most exotic birds in the region.

To get to the Raford Inn you will have to pass through the beautiful vineyard paths of the area. In the distance you will see a beautiful house on the top of a hill. The owners of Raford Inn, Dane Pitcher and Rita Wells, will welcome you to a relaxing stay in the Healdsburg countryside.

Something important to note is that its owners cultivate grapes that they produce award-winning wines with from the Russian River Valley. You will be able to enjoy spectacular sunsets and memorable moments on the terrace overlooking the vineyards. There are so many things to learn about winemaking while you enjoy tastings led by Dane. The whole experiences makes Radford Inn a must on a trip to Sonoma.

For breakfast, Rita will always have a pleasant and delicious surprise made with regional and seasonal products. In addition to breakfast, a detail that distinguishes the Raford Inn is that its owners always have a sandwich and a glass of wine ready for their guests. And every evening there was a surprise in the dining room waiting to delight our palates. One more reason why you should visit this place and spend at least a couple of nights there.

For more information and reservations click here

So now you know. If you were looking for a reason to go and enjoy the incredible and fun experiences that Sonoma has to offer, in places that make long-lasting memories, do not hesitate to give yourself a couple of nights in one of these charming and unforgettable Bed & Breakfast and Inn’s.

And to eat in Sonoma, Girl and The Fig is the restaurant that you must visit

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