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Where to eat Pancakes in Mexico City

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by Luis Mario Vargas

We all enjoy to eat hot cakes for breakfast, and we enjoy them more if the morning is cold.  This all time classic is easy to make, sweet flavored, warm and puffy. It is perfect for a relaxed morning in company of  our friends or family. The only thing that is better than hot cakes, that’s hot cakes with coffee, hot chocolate, or a milkshake.

If you are looking for total rest and enjoying both, a new way of eating hot cakes, and a new place to enjoy them, this article is for you.  In Mexico City there are a lot of places where you can find the most delicious and puffy hot cakes, it doesn’t matter the neighborhood you are at.


Carolo  is a restaurant inspired by the lifestyle of Carlos Gómez, a young man with Down Syndrome, who turned bakery into his specialty. It has 5 different locations in all of Mexico City: one of them is in Bosques, another one in Plaza Carso, one more in Santa Fe, one in Paseo Interlomas, and finally, Carso Palmas. Carolo’s specialty is bread, specially, sweet bread. And, yes. This includes hot cakes.

The traditional dough that is used for these hot cakes preparation, gives them a very special texture and flavor, softy, puffy and gentle to your mouth. The best way of eating them is spreading Nutella over them, accompanied by some red fruits.

hot cakes

The 5 locations of Carolo we have in Mexico City are very easy to find and to get there, so you have no excuse.


If you are looking for something different and quench those special tastes of yours, hot cakes from Giornale are just for you. Once more, this place is not exclusively dedicated to pancakes, on the contrary, Giornale offers over 100 options that you can eat. All of them are absolutely healthy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not delicious.

These 100 plus options, are international food, including the cinnamon roll pancakes. The use of cinnamon in their preparation gives the hot cakes a more bold and fresh flavor that breaks the routine and the expected, something that your palate will surely thank. Additionally to the cinnamon and sugar used in the recipe, these pancakes are accompanied by a sweet cream cheese frosting. That’s not everything. You can add any topping you want.

hot cakes

Giornale is located in Guillermo González Camarena 111, Santa Fe.

Los Huevitos y Hot Cakes

My personal favorite to eat hot cakes, in a cozy place, with warm and family service. Los Huevitos y Hot Cakes (eggs and hot cakes) is a place decorated to look like one of those little restaurantes that you can find in the colorful towns all over Mexico. Checkered tablecloths, a little basket with different types of sweet bread and churros at the center of the table and a warm and delicious coffee.

As its name says, this place serves different tyoes of fried eggs, but the best of the menu are their hot cakes. They are puffy, big, sweet and can be accompanied by Nutella, blackberry or strawberry marmalade,  the classic honey, or maple syrup, among many others. This mountain of flavor is topped by a little square of butter that melts and slides, slowly and soflty, thanks to the heat of the just made pancakes.

hot cakes

Los Huevitos y Hot Cakes is located in Calzada Manuel Villalongin 60, at the Colonia Renacimiento.


Chef Ana Martorell  has created Aida with the idea of reinventing typical Mexican food with unusual and new touches, without losing the variety that if offers, the healthy and balanced parts of the Mexican food.

When it comes to pancakes, Aida offers 4 different versions of them, additionally from the typical hotcakes with honey, that you don’t want to miss. They have the Healthy Pancakes, made from flaxseed, banana and whole wheat flour. To give this sweetie a Mexican touch, you have the Hot Cakes de Arroz con Leche, (arroz con leche is a typical Mexican dessert made from rice, sugar, and milk) made from the typical Mexican dessert. You can also try the Hot- Crépes, or El Esponjocito, an ultra inflated pancake, with a white chocolate flavor. Somethin’s sure, you won’t find such a wide variety of hot cakes in any other place in Mexico City.

hot cakes

Aida is on Vasco de Quiroga 3800, Lomas de Santa Fe.


This gourmet restaurant offers, perhaps, the most quoted pancakes from the list: the Matcha Pancakes, made of pure patcha. Matcha is, literally, the leaves of green tea, crushed at such point that they become powder. This ingredient has a lot of benefits for the human body, that’s why it is so expensive.

To prepare the matcha pancakes, they use blueberries, banana, cocoa nibs and agave honey (the same plant we get tequila from). If you are not attracted to this version, then you can try the hot cakes with Nutella.

hot cakes


I hope this article have helped you to decide the best place for you to try some pancakes next time you are on Mexico City. Bon appetit!

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