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You Didn’t Know These 8 Things About Mexico. Check this out

por Carlos Dragonné

Mexico is a country that you must’ve heard about. The people, culture, food, and traditions of Mexico make it a unique place. Various things make this country interesting for people. Being the largest country in Latin America and a great tourist attraction, this country also has a great spot in pop culture. Despite all these facts, many aspects of Mexico are overlooked by the people. This country has such a rich variety, that it’s no wonder that so many people travel to Mexico every year. Keep reading this article if you want to learn eight incredible things about Mexico.  Keep reading this article if you want to learn eight incredible things about Mexico.

1. World's First Birth Control Pill

With a staggering increase in the World’s population, many Governments and activists worldwide are promoting the use of Birth Control Methods. Other benefits are reduced infant mortality rates and fewer complications for adolescent girls.

But do you know that a Mexican Scientist created the first-ever Birth Control Pill? Luis Ernesto Miramontes Cardenas, at the age of 25, and a team of scientists, synthesized the norethisterone in the laboratory for the first time in 1951. Since then, this compound is used in various birth control pills.

2. 68 Amazing Languages

As you might already know, Mexico is one of the most culturally rich countries in the World. This is the reason why you will find various ethnicities and cultures in the country. But do you know that there are 68 indigenous languages officially recognized in Mexico? Another amazing thing is that there are various dialects of these languages, making the number reach around 200. But the sad thing is that most of these languages are on the verge of extinction.

3. Unique Agriculture

Agricultural systems of the past have paved the way for development. Agriculture has now developed to new heights Overtime. But there is still an attraction in the agricultural systems of the past because of their significant beauty and historical importance. Mexico is home to the most important agricultural systems of the World, known as chinampas. This system was the reason why the Valley of Mexico flourished in the past. The canals used to irrigate the gardens, controlled floods, and fulfilled the water needs of the inhabitants. This Mexican agricultural system is so rich that it has been compared to the River Nile system.

4. Mountain Range Of Mexico

Mexico has a great mountain range that attracts people from all over the World. A fascinating thing about the Mountain range in Mexico is that it has the third-highest peak in the region of North America. This peak, known by Pico de Orizaba, has another distinction of being the highest peak of Mexico. The fauna of this peak is a great attraction for the lovers of nature closer to the wild. Hikers and climbers from all over the World visit this peak because of its amazing charm.

5. The Obesity

Obesity, the physical condition of having more body fat than needed, is never desirable for good health. But changes in our food and lifestyle have led to people becoming fatter. Sadly, around 1 out of 6 people in Mexico are struggling with obesity and cardiac problems. One of the reasons for the rise in this alarming situation is the separation of traditional Mexican food from the everyday diet. Returning to a healthier lifestyle can end this problem.

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6. World's First Color TV

As mentioned earlier in the article, Mexicans are known for their contributions to Science. One of the major technological advancements that came out of Mexico is Color TV. Guillermo González Camarena, at the young age of 17, invented the thermoscopic adapter way back in 1942. His invention made it possible for TVs to show colors, though it took decades to develop LEDs after that. But there is no doubt that the invention of this Mexican boy shaped the World we live in!

7. The Largest Bullring

For most kids, watching men control raging bulls was one of the most thrilling things of their childhood. This sport continues to thrive as one of the cultural symbols of Mexico. Even though Spanish colonizers introduced this outrageous sport, the popularity of this sport has never been out of the news. Given these facts, it’s to no surprise that Mexico has the World’s largest bullring in the World. Around 42,000 spectators can sit in this place to enjoy this outstanding sport.

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8. The World's Wonder

Through time, people all over the World have come up with different lists of the World’s wonders. But the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza have always been a part of these lists. These ruins are the only symbol of the old Maya civilization – a culture that thrills people to this day. The pyramid El Castillo stands firm in this World and has a huge influence on modern pop culture.

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