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The Best Places to Buy Sweet Bread in Mexico City

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by Luis Mario Vargas

In Mexico, we have a great amount of types of sweet bread, which we all enjoy to eat accompanied by a hot chocolate or a coffee for breakfast. Some other people prefer to enjoy this duo at night, after a rough day at the office. It doesn’t matter at what time of the day you like to eat sweet bread, we all love how puffy and sweet it is. Fortunately, in Mexico City we have a great amount of bakeries, going from hipster to classic, such as “La Ideal”, located in downtown. But we also have a lot more of places to buy sweet bread all over the city.

However, if what you are looking for are bakeries with a homelike touch whose bread tastes as if it was made at home by our grandmother,, luckily for you, I have plenty of recommendations. Cool bakeries, delicious, and perfect to go for your dessert, breakfast or dinner, this is what we are going to talk about in this article so that you have more options to go for bread the next time you are in Mexico City.


This modern franchise has three different locations in the City: one is in Miguel Ángel de Quevedo, another one is located in Félix Cuevas and one more in Roma Sur. Its concept is to produce the newest types of sweet bread, in which are only used natural products, different types of flour, vegan ingredients (if this is what you are interested in, however they sell products made with dairies and eggs as well) and conservatives are avoided at all cost.

At Bakers, you can find bread box made out with no milk nor eggs, but you can also find the delicious “Panqué Magnum”, which is a pancake made out of orange, with chocolate and caramelized almond glaze. Besides, Bakeries offers a huge amount of pastries, caramel cookies, oats cookies, brownies, croissant and the “bicolor croissant” (a croissant filled with chocolate), as well as different types of sandwiches, if what you’re looking for is an “on-the-go” breakfast.

Undoubtedly, one of the most complete and coquette bakeries in Mexico City.


Located  in the Río Danubio street, “Pan-tástica” (pan means bread, so the name translates as Bread-tastic), is one of those bakeries more oriented to the hipster style, such as the many bakeriues we can find in La Condesa neighborhood, in del Valle suburb, or the Roma suburb. Nevertheless, the difference between “Pan-tástica” and the rest of bakeries with similar concepts, is the wide variety of bread you can find in there.

The handmade bread that you can find here is gluten free, salty bread (cheese balls, baguette, loaf), sweet bread (concha filled with marmalade, bicolor croissant, brownie), as well as products that are considered already a “Pan-tástica’s own”, such as concha with bacon and maple and different flavor cookies.

“Pan-tástica”is one of those bakeries that need to be visited by the whole family, because there are options for every family member.panaderías

Magnolia Bakery

This bakery belongs to an international franchise, located in New York, but its mainly focused on selling online. Here in Mexico City it is located in Polanco, in Virgilio street. Magnolia Bakery specializes in huge, decorated cakes, particularly wedding cakes, for graduations, birthday parties, etc.

Nonetheless, you can also find beautifully decorated cupcakes, different types of pies, cookies, candy bars, chocolate bars and decons (edible sugar decorations).

If you have children of your own, and one of them is about to have a social gathering at school, a birthday party, or some event of that sort, this is the perfect place to get everything you need.


 La Bohème

If you are in search of refined and ellegant bakeries, “La Bohéme” is just what you need. This French/Mexican bakery sends its costumers to the exquisite France with every bite of any of their products. It has three different locations, one in Polanco, another one in Colonia Roma and one more in Lomas de Chapultepec.

The “craftsmen”, as this bakery’s staff call themselves, are experts in the preparation of salty bread and sweet bread. The latter includes a great variety, such as pies, éclairs (a French dessert that consists of an elonged bread, bathed in candy), millefuilles (puff pastry filled with custard cream and sugar glaze on top), popsicles, and much more.

Additionally, at this French bakery, you can find bottles filled with honey, sweet sauces, marmalades, as well as coffee, breakfast options and many more options.


Marukoshi Bakery

This is one of the few Japanese bakeries in Mexico City, and to get fully on the mood with its theme and origin, it is located in Toki street, in the Portales Sur suburb. This colorful place is perfect for those who love the modern eastern culture, everything related to manga and anime (even though there are no products related to any entertainment brand in particular) due to its style and design.

What makes this place so special, is the well known teddy bear bread, but you can find any type of typical bread made in Japan. Its preparation follows the traditional recipe so that it caotures all the essence of this country, so rich in its tradition and culture.


I hope this article has helped you and has offered you more options when it comes to choose a bakery the next time you feel like eating a sweet bread, accompanied by a warm bevearge. Bon appetit!

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