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The Best Cooking Series on Netflix

por Carlos Dragonné

To celebrate International Food Day, let’s take a look at the best cooking series on Netflix. There has been an explosion of shows and films about gastronomy in the past few years. And now it seems that everyone has their their own project. In the meantime, we bring our four favorites to help you choose, so these gems do not get lost in the mix.

Here we will go through the Best Cooking Series. Starting with…

las mejores series de cocina


We already talked about this series in its book version. Samin Nosrat sets off on a journey that goes around the world and also covers the basics of how to have the kitchen that you want. Flavor is not the only thing that drives our palettes wild. It is also about learning and respecting where things come from. Filmed with absolute craftsmanship, directed by Caroline Suh, SALT + FAT + ACID + HEAT has become the favorite of 2018.

las mejores series de cocina

The Mind of a Chef.

David Chang is who we might call the new edgy rockstar in the world of gastronomy. He is the creator of Momofuku and is the protagonist of the first season of The Mind of a Chef, produced and narrated by Anthony Bourdain. The concept explores what makes a great chef. I mention Chang because he introduces us to this project that investigates a new genius each season, among whom are Magnus Nilsson, Ludo Lefebvre and Sean Brock. Together with Parts Unknown, this was the last project of the great Bourdain.

las mejores series de cocina

Ugly Delicious.

While we are on the subject of David Chang, this series is well worth our time as heritage/evolution of the works of Anthony Bourdain. Similar to Bourdain’s projects, it follows a traveler venturing through the world of food that, at times, feels so familiar. Supported by figures such as comedian Aziz Ansari or Peter Meehan, Chang goes from a search for pizza and tacos to home cooking and classic Chinese food in a kind of socio-gastronomic essay that we could get used to now that Bourdain has gone.

las mejores series de cocina


Michael Pollan uses the four elements as topics of investigation in a mini-series about gastronomy. And he does it with the authority that his years of publishing books, research and as a chair at Harvard have given him. Cooked is one of his many books and, perhaps, one of the most famous. It’s no surprise that Netflix has caught him in these first impulses of gastronomy on television. There are four episodes and I recommend watching them in alternation with episodes from SALT + FAT + ACID + HEAT. You will go from one place to another and will learn so much about the passion of the kitchen.

And yes… Masterchef Mexico is happening. And it is as depressing as it sounds.

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