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The Bajío: The Cooks and Vineyards in the Heart of Mexico Part 1

por Elsie Mendez Enriquez

By Elsie Mendez @sabormexico

Doing culinary and gastronomy tours is, and continues to be, our main activity as a promoter of Mexican cuisine; show it, share it, and make-known the history behind each authentic and traditional dish. After five years we feel confident knowing that we have surprised many, but when the challenge is to do it with expert journalists who have traveled to many countries and have visited Mexico repeatedly, it is an enriching experience, even for us who do not get tired of doing tours again and again.

The group consisted of men and women, of very different ages, and not to mention their varying interests. There were those who wished, besides learning about the workings of our kitchen, to learn about luxury hotels and spas; a chef whose priority was to record content for his TV show, and just like that everyone sent us their requests.

It was not an easy task but we were sure we were going to achieve it. We had an arrangement with Aeroméxico that brought them all, and the Consejo de Promoción Turística de México (“Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico”) recommended us as experts on the subject.

Thanks to Aeroméxico, our flight from New York to Mexico City was comfortable. As first class, despite coming in as tourists, it is important to note that many of the international airlines, especially in the United States, have made cuts in the services; from blankets and pillows to food and drinks. On our Aeroméxico flight we had a warm breakfast, everyone had a blanket and pillow, and alcoholic drinks on the plane before we landed to a warm welcome in Mexico.

Desayuno Aeromexico

The route that we took was designed to show a Mexico not only rich in culture, history and gastronomy, but also to debunk the preconceived ideas that many people have from media that portrays us as an unstable country that has conflicts in each state. I am convinced that this is not the case and that, contrary to what is published, Mexico continues to be one of the most fun destinations to travel to. The route: Mexico Virreinal and its Wines.

This is how our journey began and what better reception than a lunch-dinner in Paxia Santa Fe by Daniel Ovadia. We headed there after checking in at the Westin Santa Fe, who opened its doors to us as the first host of this important trip, and which I will speak about later. The Chiapas tasting menu was the best way to show a Mexico full of aromatic richness and little known flavors. And I leave you, literally, with your mouth open (and not only to bring food to) and very eager to see what could possibly surpass this first encounter with gastronomy.

Cena en Paxia

How many times have you been able to stay in a luxury hotel that is located right in front of your house? This was a first for us when Westin Santa Fe booked us a room for being the managers of the group. I can say that the next time I have a free weekend I will do nothing but cross the street and enjoy that bed that many guest journalists described as: “being in heaven!”

Its rooms have impeccable decoration, amenities that I love to collect, and a bed so wonderful that I still wonder about where they bought the mattress so I can get one for my house. The room service is very attentive and above all quick; something that is appreciated when you debate between resting or waiting for a sandwich that will make you fall asleep with a smile on your face.

Habitacion Westin Sta Fe

We have to repeat this visit because the hotel also has a spa that we were only about to visit very quickly, but had to make more time for it after we saw how well equipped it is, with a juice bar, fresh fruits and vegetables for salads, and cocktails very ad-hoc for after a treatment.

So we said goodbye to Mexico City, after revealing a cosmopolitan, modern, elegant Mexico, on par with the best cities in the world, such as the Santa Fe area, and we left for the city of Santiago de Querétaro, where more surprises awaited us.

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Our gratitude to Aeromexico for the support provided for the realization of this trip. To the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico, Westin Santa Fe and Paxia Santa Fe for their confidence in this project.

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