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Venison with Mole Recipe. Sonora and Oaxaca Together.

We’re going to cook venison. And add mole. And as the title says, we’re going to make venison with mole because one ingredient represents Sonora and the other is all about Mexico. Then we are going to take advantage of the convenience of Ready-to-Serve Mole Almendrado. Now I will tell you how to cook venison. To Make Venison with Mole …

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Editorial. What to do for tourism?

By: Carlos Dragonné @carlosdragonne Knowing that we will probably be reiterative of this, tourism in our country is suffering one of the worst crisis in its history. And there is a feeling in all of us that are part of the industry that there does not seem to be an institutional plan that serves to reactivate the sector that helps …

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Fat Beef Tamales Recipe

Just as the Zapotec language has varying dialects along the Central Valleys of Oaxaca all the way to the coast, and in the North Juárez Desert to the Isthmus of Tehuantepec– its cuisine also varies considerably. In the Isthmus region, you can eat rice with beef, pork with corn, stuffed onions, scrambled eggs with shrimp head, dried shrimp mole, bean mole, …

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