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Editorial. What to do for tourism?

By: Carlos Dragonné @carlosdragonne Knowing that we will probably be reiterative of this, tourism in our country is suffering one of the worst crisis in its history. And there is a feeling in all of us that are part of the industry that there does not seem to be an institutional plan that serves to reactivate the sector that helps …

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Rediscovering Myself in Tepoztlán, from Hostal de la Luz

Experienced by: Elsie Méndez Written by: Carlos Dragonné Talking about Tepoztlán without mentioning my origins would be impossible because of everything that this place has meant in my life. From the outset, Tepoztlan was designated as  a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Because of this, it was part of a personal and professional project that took me all over the …

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