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Nopal Cactus and Jícama Salad Recipe

Nopal and Jícama Salad

I am always looking for new recipes for salads and I liked this combination. I like that there is a sweet note and that it has a good amount of fiber. This salad is inspired by a recipe from the Mexican Diabetes Federation A.C. Here is our version the Nopal Cactus and Jícama Salad. INGREDIENTS for the Nopales Cactus and …

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Sojachi Mushroom Soup Recipe. A Tarahumara Mushroom at the Table.

Sopa de Hongos

Some offers just can’t be missed. Buying fresh cookware is tempting but then budget usually gets in the way. This was not the case with the deal that we found that you can take advantage of by clicking here. And we understand that you need to make a purchase like that worth it with a recipe that deserves fresh cookware. I …

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Caldo Tlalpeño Recipe, the Original Version from Tlalpan in Mexico City

There are several versions of the origin of Caldo Tlalpeño, three states fight over where this traditional dish originated. Among the three states who claim the original version is Mexico City, although it is rather Tlalpan who deserves it because it is said that General Santa Ana, who was a great parrandero that frequently attended the San Agustín de las …

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White Rice with Corn and Poblano Chili Recipe, from Grandma’s Cookbook

From the book Las senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook”) 1964. The senator’s wife from Mexico City in 1964 shared this delicious recipe. It is one of the most traditional recipes of Mexican cuisine. White Rice with Corn and Poblano Chili is a true classic. INGREDIENTS for White Rice with Corn and Poblano Chili 1/2 kilo white rice 4 large and …

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Santa Rita Empanadas, a Blessing from the Kitchen of Chihuahua

The Santa Rita Empanadas are a true blessing of chihuahuense cuisine. They are an explosion flavors, usually accompanied with a glass of horchata or a good beer. This original recipe comes from the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook”), published in 1964, and because of that it has a certain detail that might be different from today’s modern take on …

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Beef Fillet Stew Recipe from Chihuahua, Mexico

There’s nothing like a tasty stew. And that’s exactly what this Beef Fillet Stew Recipe from Chihuahua is that we share the from the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook”) from 1964. INGREDIENTS forBeef Fillet Stew Recipe from Chihuahua 1 kilo of beef fillet 1/2 kilo of potatoes 2 Tb of flour 1 Tomato 1 Onion 1 garlic clove Water or …

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Dried Meat Stew Recipe from Chihuahua, Mexico

La cocina del norte de México es mucho más variada de lo que imaginamos, y esa carne seca que usualmente solo cocinamos con huevo, o sola como botana, en esta receta de Caldillo de carne seca estilo Chihuahua queda claro que se puede disfrutar de muchas más forma.   The cuisine from northern Mexico is much more varied than many …

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Black Bean Tortillas with Mango Salad Recipe

When I found the recipe for Black Bean Tortillas with Mango Salad I initially thought it was a strange combination of things. But after making it I stood corrected. When we made it at home it turned out great. We found it while looking for recipes for a vegetarian friend who wound up just as surprised as we were about …

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Chicken Sandwich with Chipotle Vinaigrette and Mango Slices

When my daughter was little, she did not like chicken. I was always looking for new recipes that would make chicken more tasty and appealing for her. We arrived at the Chicken Sandwich with Chipotle Vinaigrette and Mango Slices, that have remained a favorite to this day. We hope they become a favorite for you too. INGREDIENTS for Chicken Sandwich with …

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Chayote Salad with Chipotle Vinaigrette Recipe

Chayotes always cause some controversy. There are those who love them with devotion, and those who do not want anything to do with them. Here we put a twist on the typical chayote salad with our favorite Chayote Salad with Chipotle Vinaigrette. It includes other vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, peppers, and if you insist in not eating chayotes, prepare …

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