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Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary: Tips to Enjoy the Sanctuary and Where to Stay

por Carlos Dragonné

By: Carlos Dragonné @sabormexico

The monarch butterfly is a symbol of the beauty and biodiversity of our country. To see their yearly migration is to rediscover why Mexico is the land we love so much. The first time I had the good fortune to enjoy the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary was in 1986. The trip coincided with Halley’s Comet so we decided to spend the night. In recent years I have tried to go as much as I can to see the sanctuary, even if I can just go for a little while then return home with a heart full of what I was able to see. This year was no the exception.

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Where to stay near the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary if I want to rest for the weekend?

Going and enjoying the show for one day is amazing, but why not stay the weekend and plan activities around the experience too? We like to go to Valle de Bravo and stay at Casa Rodavento , one of the most beautiful hotels in the area. In addition to taking a moment of complete disconnection in the spa, Casa Rodavento also organizes trips to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary.

Mariposa Monarca

If you like to golf, then a great option is to go to the Avándaro Club de Golf & Spa, schedule 18 holes in a Par 72 course and then plan to rest in the spa or in your room and get ready to wake up early and make your way over to the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary the next day.

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Tips to Fully Enjoy the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

First, be sure to check the weather. When you plan your outing, make sure it will be sunny because monarch butterflies hide at the first sign of clouds; There is no spectacle to be seen when they are hiding. They hide when it is cloudy because instinct tells them that clouds are a sign of rain which can cause severe damage to their wings while they fly. They adapted this habit over many years of their long annual migration.

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It is important to be careful of where you step while you are at the sanctuary and to be mindful of altering the environment as little as possible–they are a delicate species that we must protect. Visitors can have a big impact on the sanctuary that works hard to protect the monarch butterflies.

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Do not smoke while you are in the sanctuary. Visitors should leave cigarettes, cigars, pipes and electronic cigarettes in the car or in the hotel. The sanctuary is a spectacle of nature that we must respect. To lose it would not only affect local tourism, but would have enormous environmental impact.

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Bring your camera but deactivate the flash. Be cautious to not allow the flash to come on because it can cause damage to the butterflies.

And, after the monarch butterfly sanctuary, what can we do?

Go down to eat some delicious quesadillas and enjoy the classic street and mountain food in our country. The mushroom soup from this are has a flavor that you will only find here.

mariposa monarca

Finally, if you go with your family, let the children see, experience, and enjoy the show. Talk with them about their experience and the importance of these sanctuaries. It is wonderful to appreciate the entire trip surrounding the visit to the monarch butterfly sanctuary. Moments like these mark things such as respect for species and nature.

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