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Kellogg’s Limited Edition Super Mario Breakfast Cereal

por Carlos Dragonné

It turns out that Nintendo and Kellogg’s have just teamed up to make many people happy. I’m definitely one of them. The number one reason that I dream of going to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is because of the closing ceremony during the last Olympics in Río de Janeiro when the Prime Minister of Japan turned into Super Mario.  Everyone who has a passion for video games owes something to Mario, the plumber who has marked generations. And now we can eat this cereal.

Super Mario

It Has a Super Mario Amiibo.

I have never understood very well how Amiibo works because I do not have a Nintendo console. I have had Microsoft software for several generations and I only just got a Playstation. Despite having Super Mario and Link, I still haven’t made the leap. But I have no doubt that those who are a part of the Nintendo world run for this Amiibo.

Super Mario

It’s Limited Edition.

There’s nothing like having a limited edition Super Mario cereal. Keep in mind that it took a while to arrive to Mexico since the launch of the last game. And in the brief moments that it does appear, it flies off the shelves and sells out. The truth is that just for the pleasure of having Super Mario on my desk, tomorrow I’ll have to go running to buy it.

Products like this are appreciated not only by children, but also by those of us who are collectors of small pop culture items. And it had been a while since I last saw Kellogg do something really important that reminded people of the importance of their brand.

Super Mario

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