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It’s The Week of Cerveza México. And You Must Know Where to Go

por Carlos Dragonné

This week is the annual event of brewers in Mexico City: Cerveza México 2018. And every year there are several reasons to tell you all what’s worth doing and what to avoid to help you make the most of the event and not to waste any time because there is a lot of beer to be tried. Here is my list of recommendations:

Cerveza México

Cerveza México is big. Prepare yourself.

They are not going to a kermés (“an outdoor festival”). Cerveza Mexico is the most important beer event in Latin America with more than 150 beer producers present. Just try to count them and you’ll find at least 150 different beers to try. That’s why it’s important to go more than one day. Which brings me to point number two.

Cerveza México

It’s not a canteen. Try to avoid going overboard.

This easily avoided. Go and eat. Always eat and stay hydrated because this is not about drowning in the middle of the event. There is a huge amount of beer and even though most are not trying to go overboard, more than one person ends up like that without realizing it. Always drink water and eat to be prepared. Otherwise, Cerveza México is going to end quickly because you’re going to get the boot.

Cerveza México

Open mind, open palate.

There will be all kinds of beer. Cerveza México is an Expo, it is a Conference and it is a Competition. That means that you also have to go learn about this drink that has grown a lot in our country. And that you will meet independent producers who are making an effort to create an incredible product. So go and try, the most enthusiastic will be taking notes. You will be surprised by everything you might learn.

Cerveza México

Save your place in the workshops.

Although it is a huge event, the workshops are not that big. Be sure to check out everything that is being offered and confirm your attendance at the workshops. There are few things like invited brewers giving tastings, notes, and explanations about their beer. Remember that we have arrived at a time when beer is not just a stadium drink. Beer has a dignity of its own and there is a lot to learn about it.

Cerveza México

Enjoy. Experience. Discover.

Yes, I’m a big fan of Saison beer and Dubbel beer. But there is the best opportunity at Cerveza México to get to know new styles and new ideas that may broaden you palate. So go well prepared to play with new flavors and different kinds of beer.

Cerveza México

Bring money to buy. Or a card.

Finally, the best thing about Cerveza México is to be able to support local producers and craft beer. They still remain as small numbers within  the massive market of commercial beer. And the only way to support the market is to buy and contribute our part in the process. In return, a good amount of beers can enjoyed at home for the rest of the year.

Cerveza México

Do not forget that we have many articles about beer if you want to get ready.

And if you go, put photos up on Twitter so we can see how it went.

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