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Induction Grills: The best out there

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by Luis Mario Vargas

Have you heard about induction grills? Well, they are the most safe and effective option that has been around in the last years, to make your kitchen a more safe environment. Besides, you will be able to cook at perfect temperature, in case a recipe requires it. You might have seen cooking TV shows in which chefs do not use gas grills, but a flat, transparent blackish table. These are the induction grills. In this article, I’ll tell you about this kind of grill and all the benefits they bring into your kitchen.

Why using induction grills?

How do induction grills work? Many people call them «electric grills», but the matter goes beyond that term. Induction grills receive their name from the pshysics principle known as «Law of Faraday’s electromagnetic induction». This means, in simple terms, that a magnetic field is generated in the grill that does not produce heat by itself, but they get in touch with metal surfaces, these get hot. Therefore, when you put a cooking pot, pan or wok (they NEED to be metal utensils or it won’t work) over the grill, the cooking process will have begun.

Induction grills have a lot of advantages over regular gas grills. The main advantage is its safety. As the grill is not hot itself, in case you, or your child, accidentally put one hand over the grill being on, it won’t get hurt at all as it only warms metal objects. That’s the magic of the law of electromagnetic induction. Additionally, as it doesn’t use gas, accidents by leaving gas on, will not occur.

And what we care more about, what about its properties when it comes to cooking? When you cook using a gas grill, you must adjust the flame by how it seems. This will not lead to a very specific way to know the temperature you are using. This doesn’t happen with induction grills, and you will be able to control the temperature in a precise way, using the exact temperature you need to prepare the perfect meals.

Which grill should you buy?

There are plenty of induction grills out in the market.  Now, I will present to you some options of portable grills that you will be able to take anywhere you need it, taking with you all the practicality and comfort that induction grills offer as well.

ParrillasSchönes Bauen Frankfurt 

This grill includes 2 cooking zones and it’s not only portable, but it’s also very wide and it is recessed. It is ideal for using big pans, as it is the biggest and the toughest on the market. It has a 26.5 diameter per cooking spot and space between both of them, which makes cooking more comfortable.

It takes until 20 kilograms and its structure is made out of steel. Despite being so wide and resistant, the Frankfurt only weighs 7.8 kilos, which makes it ideal for those visits to other houses in which we are the ones who cook.


Hamilton Beach Portable Induction Grill (34102)

Despite being smaller than the Schönes Bauen Frankfurtthis little wonder has a pwer of 1300 W. It has a burner (cookig zone/spot) that makes it more compact and perfect for simple meals or one-dish-menu. Its glass surface makes its cleaning easier after using it.

It is 39.1 centimeters wide, warms 40% faster and it is compatible with adequate utensils for induction to happen, such as stainless steel, molten iron, molten iron and enameled iron. The Hamilton Beach 34102 has 6 heat settings and an easy to read digital screen. The burner has a 22.5 cm diameter.



Secura 8100mc 1800w Portable Induction Cover Top

This Secura grill works with 120 volts. It is very light and compact, and only has 1 burner or cooking spot. It has a digital control panel and digital timer, going from 1 to 170 minutes and 10 power levels. The Autopan detection will be automatically deactivated after 60 seconds if it doesn’t identify a compatible utensil with the induction system.

For higher comfort it is equipped with error diagnose system messages.


Parrillas 1800w Dual Induction Portable Stove Grill Cook

Brought to you by Ecocinare, this grill has 2 cooking spots or burners, and it’s 66 centimeters wide.  It has a glass surface. This grill counts with the «enhancer» function, which increases the heat power in just one burner. This process is perfect to fry or seal the meat, as well as boiling water in just a few seconds.

One great thing about this portable grill is its individual timer, which allows to calculate the cooking time of both burners, separately.


As you can see, an induction grill is a great technological advance, more safe, more reliable and more comfortable than gas grills. Besides, in long term, it becomes a cheaper cooking method. If you are one of those people that enjoy visiting friends’ houses to cook, you must get your own induction grill right now!


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