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Hostels: The Future of Lodging beginning in 2020

por Sabores de México

by Luis Mario Vargas

Traveling in the Future

Until some years ago, when we thought of traveling, one of the elements that were essential for our plan was the hotel we would be staying at. But now, things seem to have changed, as a recent study reveals that 40 % of Mexicans are planning to stay at a hostel in their future trips.

This might be because of how cheap a hostel is compared to a hotel, the refreshing experience that it represents, or, as many of the Mexicans that took part in the study said, “to have a more complete understanding of our own land”. Our fellow citizens have chosen Mexico as their number one option to discover through an experience as no hotel could offer, by staying at a hostel with other travelers that are as hungry for adventure and knowledge as they are.

The other two countries in which they claimed they would stay in a hostel were the United States and Spain.


Social Environment

Presumably, people choose hostels over hotels due to the new social dimension that a trip acquires by being closer to other guests of the lodging place.  This feels more like living with them, rather than being with just another guest. They are able to plan more group activities, such as bicycle riding through the city, special classes or some other activity that tourists love to do. By doing all of this, you get to know the country you are visiting, not as a tourist, but as another citizen of that country. This means  getting a much more complete and rich experience.

This is why  a hostel is such an attractive option for people who travel by themselves. These travelers represent 53% of users around the globe that made a reservation in a hostel in 2019.


Increasing Trend

Eder Francoulon, Hotel Area Manager of, says that «hostels cover more necessities than the ones a backpacker has, not only a bunk to sleep in».  That is why this website continues on developing its service of hostel reservations, focused on exploding its maximum potential, and making this concept more accesible for travelers from all over the world.

After noticing the recent interest of Mexicans in booking hostels in our own country, the United States and certain cities of Europe, is supporting its partners in promoting this concept as enchanting and unique as they are, looking forward to become the best platform in which travelers will go to in search of hostels, something that still needs to become even more popularized.  Nevertheless, according to this study, it is a trend that will increase in the coming years.

It might even become a global trend, as popular (or even more) than hotels in the years to come.


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