This is one of the marvelous recipes from Aguascalientes, Mexico, that comes from the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (Senators that Cook).The book was edited in 1964, and raised funds for the protection of minors in Mexico. It was never edited again, and because of this I want to share the recipes with you that value Mexican Cuisine, like the Fried Cactus with Eggs Recipe.

INGREDIENTS for Fried Cactus with Eggs

  • Tender nopal cactus
  • Spring Onions
  • Chili to taste
  • Eggs

Nopalitos fritos con huevo


Clean the cactus thoroughly and cut into small pieces. Boil with onion stalks, then wash again with a little baking soda to get rid of the rubber texture and foam. Drain. When almost dry, fry in lard, add the eggs, beat and cover. You can add onion, garlic and chili, chopped, as desired.

This same recipe is used for Nopales Navigators, which are stewed in beef broth with green chile.

If you are thinking about breakfast, this recipe might interest you Scrambled Eggs with Mole

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