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Excellent Place to Eat In Guadalajara: Chololo

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by Luis Mario Vargas

One of the most popular Mexican dishes, is birria, a delicious soup prepared with sheep meat (at least in Mexico City). However, in the famous “birriería” (birria restaurant), Chololo, in the city of Guadalajara, they prepare this soup in a slightly different way.


In Chololo, they utilize lamb meat instead of sheep’s, and the meat is not prepared along with the soup, as it is usually done. Instead of that, the meat is prepared in stone ovens, and dipped with an exquisite adobe sauce (adobo is a typical Mexican ingredient, falvored with oregano, vinegar, salt and garlic). As every good birria, it is accompanied by tortillas, and in Chololo you will be able to try hand-made tortillas, big and heavy, thick enough to hold inside it the delicious and juicy lamb meat.

Additionally, the sauce, traditionally prepared in molcajete (a smashing instrument made of rock, used by the Aztecs), is delightful. This sauce (salsa) is not extremely spicy, so it can be enjoyed by everyone, even for those who enjoy the flavor of salsa, but not that much the spicy element. It is prepared with chili, tomato, garlic, parsley and onion. This special sauce is so good, that it can be eaten over a tostada (fried tortilla), added with some lemon juice and a bit of salt.


The Place

There is more than one location for El Chololo in Guadalajara, but I visited the one that is 15 minutes from the airport, by car. The place has a classic atmosphere of a countryside Mexican restaurant.  It is perfect to spend time with the family, and it is more than enough space for bringing in your uncles and aunts, grandparents, nieces, grandchildren, and even your friends. The restaurant has two sections, that is a semi-outdoor restaurant, as the roof is held by wooden pillars only, there are not walls. This is very important, as the place is not extremely hot, specially because of the big stone ovens in there. In the back of this section, there is a game area for the youngest in the familiesso that they don’t get bored while the adults are chatting and drinking.


¿What does Chololo offers?”

This is a great place for all meat lovers, and those who love outdoor cooking, as the atmosphere, the decoration and the exquisite smells that come out from the kitchen, surround you and they make you a part of the festival offered by Chololo. Beginning with the entrée (tostadas, salsa, beans and melted cheese) and, wht not? A cold beer to get started.

But definitely, the main dish will please the most demanding palates, as well as those who are in search of a new culinary experience. I must also talk about the generous portions, and I assure you, nobody will remain hungry after eating here. The best of all, is the resaonable prize you pay for all of it.


So now you know. The next time you visit Guadalajara you cannot miss the oportunity to eat in Chololo. You won’t regret.

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