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Pomuch Cemetery in Campeche. Death Seen in a Different Way

Cementerio de Pomuch en Campeche

“Passing through the arch of the entrance to the cemetery, one can not only see, but also feel the difference upon entering. The Pomuch Cemetery in Campeche, is a very special cemetery where death is seen differently than in most of the world. It is not seen in the terrifying way that many European cultures see it, nor the sarcastic …

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The Bajío: The Cooks and Vineyards in the Heart of Mexico Part 5

By: Elsie Mendez @sabormexico As closure to this culinary and gastronomic tour in Mexico we had two surprises prepared: The first, a cooking demonstration class with Chef Monica Solis, and finally, a farewell dinner that Camino Real prepared for us in a very special way. Monica Solis is a friend, talented businesswoman, and a great lover of Mexico and its …

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Hanal Pixan: Mayan Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead)

By: Victor Román The “Hanal pixán”, or food for the souls of the dead, is a tradition of the Mayan people that is carried out to remember friends and relatives who have passed on. It is a special event for the relatives of the deceased, because they know that from October 31 to November 2, the souls “receive permission” to …

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Editorial. What to do for tourism?

By: Carlos Dragonné @carlosdragonne Knowing that we will probably be reiterative of this, tourism in our country is suffering one of the worst crisis in its history. And there is a feeling in all of us that are part of the industry that there does not seem to be an institutional plan that serves to reactivate the sector that helps …

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