The Flavors of the World

Harvest by Roy Ellamar, From Farm to Table in the Middle of the Desert

Harvest by Roy Ellamar

By Elsie Méndez On recent visit to Las Vegas we went looking for new places and ended up at a destination that exceeded all of our expectations. The big surprise was finding somewhere that not only offers the freshest seasonal ingredients, but also includes the experience of being able to watch as the the ingredients are transformed into dishes. The …

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Sashimi. You Have to Know How to Cut It.


Today we are not going to make a recipe. This article is meant to give several points of recommendation for how to cut fish and prepare good sashimi. Especially now that the holiday season has begun and we’re all after new tricks for our houseguests. The first thing is to have a good knife at home. Perhaps take advantage of …

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Where to Stay in Sonoma. The Best Bed & Breakfasts and Inn’s

Donde hospedarse en Sonoma

By Elsie Méndez For one reason or another, the majority of the time we end up staying at chain hotels and sometimes Boutique Hotels. For this trip to Sonoma we decided to stay at one of those small and exquisite properties known as Inn’s and Bed and Breakfasts. We found some options that offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences in a romantic destination …

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The Best Cooking Series on Netflix

Mejores serie de cocina

To celebrate International Food Day, let’s take a look at the best cooking series on Netflix. There has been an explosion of shows and films about gastronomy in the past few years. And now it seems that everyone has their their own project. In the meantime, we bring our four favorites to help you choose, so these gems do not …

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Las Vegas: The Paradise of Chefs and Gourmands

By: Elsie Méndez @sabormexico Until a few years ago, Las Vegas had always been synonymous in my mind with games and shows. But for 10 years now, gastronomy and haute cuisine have become part of the activities that the so-called “City of Sin” offers its visitors. A collection of Chefs and Cooks from the most exquisite and sophisticated kitchens have …

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The Broadmoor. When the Doors of a Dream Open.

Por: Carlos Dragonné The internet has taken the surprise out of many things. For example, fans of roller coasters release countless videos of first-hand experience on the rides before many have a chance to experience it; movie-goers around the world devour any number of spoilers for films they have been waiting to go see; lovers of gastronomy discover the secrets …

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The Broadmoor. The Flavors of 99 Years of Greatness.

By: Carlos Dragonné It is sunrise in Colorado Springs and the sun barely illuminates the manmade lake that divides the towers of the hotel. The mist has given way to the rays that remind us that there are many things to do and that, before anything else, what is needed is breakfast. Just one night ago they took us on …

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A Brazil with a Taste of Mexico – A Carioca Bicentennial

Review of the celebrations of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico from Brazil

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