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Linguine with Shrimp and Mussels Recipe

Linguine with Shrimp and Mussels

This recipe for Linguine with Shrimp and Mussels is an Italian-American classic. It has become famous in Figaretti, located in the city of Wheeling, West Virginia. The aromas filling up your home while preparing it will make everyone’s mouths water. INGREDIENTS for Linguine with Shrimp and Mussels 8 oz. dried linguine 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup chopped …

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Oaxacan Tamales. An Unmissable Recipe

Oaxacan Tamales

Have I really not posted the recipe for a Oaxacan Tamale with Mole? Seriously? I’ve posted several tamale recipes, like the Tamal de Cazuelal, but right now the year is ending and I know you’ll want to make tamales, (don’t forget the invite when you do!). Here is an all-time classic. We are going to make an Oaxacan Tamale with Mole. …

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Cod with Mole Verde. A Quick Recipe for the Week.

Cod with Mole

One of the great advantages of having Ready to Serve Mole Ready to Serve Mole at home is having the flavors of Mexican cuisine at hand, ready for any cravings. This time we made Cod with Mole Verde. And we did it in a simple and delicious way. For the Cod with Mole we will need: Cod fillets Chambray onions 1 package …

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Soy Glazed Turkey Recipe

Glazed Turkey

Another recipe tto try for the holidays is a Soy Glazed Turkey. If you want to twist it up this year, here is an interesting way to do it. I like to use Kikkoman Classic Soy Sauce, but you can also use the Reduced Sodium variety or even the Kikkoman Ponzu Sauce. Para hacer este Pavo Laqueado con Salsa de …

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Venison with Mole Recipe. Sonora and Oaxaca Together.

We’re going to cook venison. And add mole. And as the title says, we’re going to make venison with mole because one ingredient represents Sonora and the other is all about Mexico. Then we are going to take advantage of the convenience of Ready-to-Serve Mole Almendrado. Now I will tell you how to cook venison. To Make Venison with Mole …

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General Tso’s Chicken. The Recipe of Our Favorite Dish.

Pollo del General Tso

We could make an incredible series of dishes using soy sauce. And one that I especially enjoy making is a popular favorite: General Tso’s Chicken. It is a classic dish and a delight eat at home. Here I bring you the recipe. And I hope to see photos on Twitter of how yours came out. INGREDIENTS for General Tso’s Chicken 1 chicken breast …

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Sashimi. You Have to Know How to Cut It.


Today we are not going to make a recipe. This article is meant to give several points of recommendation for how to cut fish and prepare good sashimi. Especially now that the holiday season has begun and we’re all after new tricks for our houseguests. The first thing is to have a good knife at home. Perhaps take advantage of …

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Homemade Mole Sausage Recipe. Let’s Get Serious.

Salchichas de Mole

I always wanted to make my own sausages for the grill. And then I started exploring Mexican flavors and ingredients as I thought about this. When I had a free weekend, I began to make sausages with free creative liberty, and ended up adding a sweet flavor and that we love so much in this country. I grabbed a package …

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Mole Burger Recipe. Light up the grill…

Hamburguesa de Mole

The great advantage of this time of year is that every Sunday I have a pretext to light the grill and invite people over to watch the NFL games. Even if they are not fans of American football, it is still worth coming just for the grilled goods. And there is nothing like grilling with fun recipes. Today we are …

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Beef Fillet Stew Recipe from Chihuahua, Mexico

There’s nothing like a tasty stew. And that’s exactly what this Beef Fillet Stew Recipe from Chihuahua is that we share the from the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook”) from 1964. INGREDIENTS forBeef Fillet Stew Recipe from Chihuahua 1 kilo of beef fillet 1/2 kilo of potatoes 2 Tb of flour 1 Tomato 1 Onion 1 garlic clove Water or …

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