Vanilla and Dehydrated Cranberries Millefeuille Recipe

Vanilla and Dehydrated Cranberry Millefeuille

We love cranberries, and we love the millefeuille cake. So, why not use cranberries instead of some other red fruit? For this Vanilla and Cranberry Mille-Feuille Cake we will modify the traditional mille-feuille recipe to give you a different taste of it. INGREDIENTS For The Vanilla And Cranberry Mille-Feuille Cake 400g puff pastry ⅓ cup powdered sugar ½ cup cubed …

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Mole Poblano Ice Cream. Yes, It Tastes Good.

Helado de MOle

We are going to say goodbye to mole for a little while, and leave on a tasty and sweet note. And of course it should be with a good dessert. Since we have been thinking about different ice creams and flavors, we are going to make a Mole Ice Cream. Yes …an ice cream with Mole Poblano. So that you …

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Campeche Style Sopa Borracha (“Drunk Soup”) Recipe.. Which Turns Out to Be a Dessert

Campeche is a state in Mexico that has exceptional gastronomy, with seafood is a main ingredient. In regard to their desserts, they are also stand alone and an example of this is this Sopa Borracha (“Drunk Soup”), which refers to a sweet bread. This version is the one that was published in the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook”) published …

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Sweet Fritters Recipe

In memory of my adored Grandmother. Since she has gone I have not come to find Sweet Fritters like the ones she prepared. INGREDIENTS 15 green tomato, skin only 4 anise stars 2 fresh eggs 4 cups flour 2 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp butter 2 cups unrefined whole cane sugar 1 tbsp frying oil INSTRUCTIONS Boil the tomato peels and …

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Chocolate and Dried Fruit Tamale Recipe

This Chocolate and Dried Fruit Tamale Recipe was shared with us by Chef Guillermo Tinoco, who is one of those chefs who makes us feel jealous of the talent in Mexico. A graduate of Ambrosia Centro Culinario, he has headed various restaurants, and in recent years at the head of the mezcalería and restaurant Corazón de Maguey in the Coyoacan neighborhood, in Mexico City. INGREDIENTS for Chocolate …

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Mezcal Pears Recipe

Here is another delicious recipe by Chef Lula Martín del Campo, Peras al Mezcal. It is a delicious dessert that is very simple to prepare. INGREDIENTS  for Mezcal Pears For the pears: 4 medium pears without peel 250 grams of white sugar ¼ cup of lemon juice 1 ½ liters of water For the mezal sauce: 100 milliliters mezcal ¾ liter …

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Capirotada Mexican Bread Pudding Recipe

In loving memory of my adored grandmother and father who loved this recipe Year after year, the Capirotada Mexican Bread Pudding Recipe could not be missed for the Day of the Dead, Christmas, and New Years Eve. Like some, I wasn’t the biggest fan of this recipe; it didn’t seem to me as delicious as other desserts that my grandmother prepared. …

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Fluffy Lime Jelly Recipe

This Fluffy Lime Jelly Recipe, with it’s spongey consistency, comes from Mrs. Licha Ledesma and Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, and is found in their book Verde, blanco y rojo (“Green, White and Red”). It is simple to prepare, but take extra care, especially as it first coagulates. INGREDIENTS for Fluffy Lime Jelly  600 ml of water 1 tbps sugar 170 gr lime-flavored jelly 1 can (380 …

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Day of the Dead Bread Recipe

Believe me, making Bread from Dead is much easier than you imagine and this recipe has been made several times while spending the afternoon at home on a Saturday or Sunday. Get ready! Believe me, it is much easer to make Day of the Dead Bread that you imagine. We’ve made this recipe many times while spending the afternoon at home on a …

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Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe, to Quench Cravings

A delicious Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe always fixes the problem of that dessert that we forgot to buy for a meal at home with friends and family. It’s perfect for the moment when  you have a craving for something sweet without added flavors and chemicals. Everyone loves ice cream. Here’s a simple and tasty recipe that we make at home. …

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