Shrimp Ceviche. A Simple and Delicious Recipe.

Shrimp Ceviche

Pues siguen las ofertas de cuchillos en Williams Sonoma México y hace unos días aprovechamos para decirles los tips para hacer un corte de un sashimi. Así que hoy nos vamos a aventar una receta de Ceviche de Camarón. Porque no sólo de carne vive el hombre. Así que aquí se las traigo y se las comparto para que ustedes puedan gozar …

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Sashimi. You Have to Know How to Cut It.


Today we are not going to make a recipe. This article is meant to give several points of recommendation for how to cut fish and prepare good sashimi. Especially now that the holiday season has begun and we’re all after new tricks for our houseguests. The first thing is to have a good knife at home. Perhaps take advantage of …

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Crab Cakes Recipe, Remembering Trips Along the Coast

crab cakes

I spent several days in Oregon recently and one of the things that I enjoyed most was the simple Crab Cakes in Bandon. Tony’s Crab Shack restaurant made my list of reasons to return. After such a wonderful meal, I had no choice but to share it here with you. And seeing as I’ve been looking for a reason to …

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Santa Rita Empanadas, a Blessing from the Kitchen of Chihuahua

The Santa Rita Empanadas are a true blessing of chihuahuense cuisine. They are an explosion flavors, usually accompanied with a glass of horchata or a good beer. This original recipe comes from the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook”), published in 1964, and because of that it has a certain detail that might be different from today’s modern take on …

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Stuffed Chiapas Cheese Ball Recipe

One of the most important cheeses of Mexico is that which is made in Ocotzingo, Chiapas. This recipe is the result of many fusions that happened throughout the long history of our county. And that is how the Stuffed Chiapas Cheese Ball was born. The original recipe is from the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook”), 1964. INGREDIENTS for Stuffed Chiapas Cheese …

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Chiapas Style Escabeche of Sea Bass Recipe

Sometimes I ask myself how we stopped cooking the recipes from our grandmothers that were so delicious! I took this Chiapas Style Escabeche of Sea Bass Recipe from the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that cook”) 1964 because it is the closest recipe to the one that my grandmother cooked for my grandfather who was chiapaneco, from Chiapas. It is easy to prepare and …

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Chiapaneca Cold Meat, Carne Fría Recipe, Typical Flavors of Southeast Mexico

This recipe of Chiapaneca Cold Meat (also known as carne fría) is a traditional recipe from Chiapas, one of the tastiest, and I truly do not understand why that are not more restaurants dedicated to the wonderful cuisine of Chiapas, which is one of the best types of cuisine in Mexican gastronomy. From the book Las senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that cook”) edited …

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Step by Step Elaboration and Origin of Jocoque

I always remember seeing a pot on my grandmother’s stove, very well covered over the heat from the pilots (the flames that stay lit on the gas stove to ignite automatically). I passed by it daily, and we ate her homemade jocoque religiously. Origen del Jocoque The origin of the jocoque, as many other things, in gastronomy is uncertain. There …

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Minguiche Recipe, a Taste of Colima in Each Bite

Chilies, cheese, jocoque (“sour milk”) and good tortillas are the basic elements of Minguiche, a dish from Colima. The recipe that I share with you today was published in the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook”) 1964. INGREDIENTS for Minguiche 1 kilo roasted tomatoes 3 green pasilla chilies, grilled (poblano chillies) 1/4 litro of cream or good jocoque (“sour milk”) 3 blocks of …

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Sopitos Picados, A Traditional Appetizer from Colima

There is no meal in Colima that does not begin with Sopitos Picados, a traditional snack that has become one of the most tasty appetizers in Mexican cuisine. This is the recipe that was published in the book Las Senadoras suelen guisar (“Senators that Cook), edited in 1964. It is cooked in the style of Villa de Alvarez. INGREDIENTS for Sopitos Picados …

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