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Mole Poblano Ice Cream. Yes, It Tastes Good.

Helado de MOle

We are going to say goodbye to mole for a little while, and leave on a tasty and sweet note. And of course it should be with a good dessert. Since we have been thinking about different ice creams and flavors, we are going to make a Mole Ice Cream. Yes …an ice cream with Mole Poblano. So that you …

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It’s The Week of Cerveza México. And You Must Know Where to Go

Cerveza Mexico

This week is the annual event of brewers in Mexico City: Cerveza México 2018. And every year there are several reasons to tell you all what’s worth doing and what to avoid to help you make the most of the event and not to waste any time because there is a lot of beer to be tried. Here is my list …

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Pomuch Cemetery in Campeche. Death Seen in a Different Way

Cementerio de Pomuch en Campeche

“Passing through the arch of the entrance to the cemetery, one can not only see, but also feel the difference upon entering. The Pomuch Cemetery in Campeche, is a very special cemetery where death is seen differently than in most of the world. It is not seen in the terrifying way that many European cultures see it, nor the sarcastic …

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World Food Day: Zero Hunger for 2030

Día Mundial de la Alimentación

By: Liliana Martínez Lomelí, researcher for Sociología de la Alimentación* (“Sociology of Food”) October 16th marks World Food Day, an effort of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to promote their main messages and goals for the 2050. The challenges were grouped into 17 goals for the sustainable development of countries working towards a better future. Although this may sound …

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Homemade Mole Sausage Recipe. Let’s Get Serious.

Salchichas de Mole

I always wanted to make my own sausages for the grill. And then I started exploring Mexican flavors and ingredients as I thought about this. When I had a free weekend, I began to make sausages with free creative liberty, and ended up adding a sweet flavor and that we love so much in this country. I grabbed a package …

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Chipotle Mayonnaise Recipe, A Dressing for Everyone

mayonesa de chipotle

The way to make mayonnaise has not changed since the beginning, although there are those claim to have reinvented the wheel. The reality is that the basis of any and all recipes for mayonnaise  the same. It is the versatility of the dressing that helps us to play with the flavors. A few days ago I published a stuffed mole burger …

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Mole Burger Recipe. Light up the grill…

Hamburguesa de Mole

The great advantage of this time of year is that every Sunday I have a pretext to light the grill and invite people over to watch the NFL games. Even if they are not fans of American football, it is still worth coming just for the grilled goods. And there is nothing like grilling with fun recipes. Today we are …

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Crab Cakes Recipe, Remembering Trips Along the Coast

crab cakes

I spent several days in Oregon recently and one of the things that I enjoyed most was the simple Crab Cakes in Bandon. Tony’s Crab Shack restaurant made my list of reasons to return. After such a wonderful meal, I had no choice but to share it here with you. And seeing as I’ve been looking for a reason to …

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Las Vegas: The Paradise of Chefs and Gourmands

By: Elsie Méndez @sabormexico Until a few years ago, Las Vegas had always been synonymous in my mind with games and shows. But for 10 years now, gastronomy and haute cuisine have become part of the activities that the so-called “City of Sin” offers its visitors. A collection of Chefs and Cooks from the most exquisite and sophisticated kitchens have …

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Hotel Garza Blanca: A Life Lesson of Service

By: Carlos Dragonné @sabormexico To reignite the importance of a tourist destination is not an easy task for anyone. It has to be an effort between service providers, the government, private initiatives and, of course, the tourists who commit their days of rest to a place that may surprise them or, in the worst case, disappoint. However, there are places …

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