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Soy Glazed Turkey Recipe

Glazed Turkey

Another recipe tto try for the holidays is a Soy Glazed Turkey. If you want to twist it up this year, here is an interesting way to do it. I like to use Kikkoman Classic Soy Sauce, but you can also use the Reduced Sodium variety or even the Kikkoman Ponzu Sauce. Para hacer este Pavo Laqueado con Salsa de …

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Shrimp Ceviche. A Simple and Delicious Recipe.

Shrimp Ceviche

Pues siguen las ofertas de cuchillos en Williams Sonoma México y hace unos días aprovechamos para decirles los tips para hacer un corte de un sashimi. Así que hoy nos vamos a aventar una receta de Ceviche de Camarón. Porque no sólo de carne vive el hombre. Así que aquí se las traigo y se las comparto para que ustedes puedan gozar …

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Venison with Mole Recipe. Sonora and Oaxaca Together.

We’re going to cook venison. And add mole. And as the title says, we’re going to make venison with mole because one ingredient represents Sonora and the other is all about Mexico. Then we are going to take advantage of the convenience of Ready-to-Serve Mole Almendrado. Now I will tell you how to cook venison. To Make Venison with Mole …

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Harvest by Roy Ellamar, From Farm to Table in the Middle of the Desert

Harvest by Roy Ellamar

By Elsie Méndez On recent visit to Las Vegas we went looking for new places and ended up at a destination that exceeded all of our expectations. The big surprise was finding somewhere that not only offers the freshest seasonal ingredients, but also includes the experience of being able to watch as the the ingredients are transformed into dishes. The …

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General Tso’s Chicken. The Recipe of Our Favorite Dish.

Pollo del General Tso

We could make an incredible series of dishes using soy sauce. And one that I especially enjoy making is a popular favorite: General Tso’s Chicken. It is a classic dish and a delight eat at home. Here I bring you the recipe. And I hope to see photos on Twitter of how yours came out. INGREDIENTS for General Tso’s Chicken 1 chicken breast …

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Sashimi. You Have to Know How to Cut It.


Today we are not going to make a recipe. This article is meant to give several points of recommendation for how to cut fish and prepare good sashimi. Especially now that the holiday season has begun and we’re all after new tricks for our houseguests. The first thing is to have a good knife at home. Perhaps take advantage of …

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Kellogg’s Limited Edition Super Mario Breakfast Cereal

Super Mario

It turns out that Nintendo and Kellogg’s have just teamed up to make many people happy. I’m definitely one of them. The number one reason that I dream of going to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo is because of the closing ceremony during the last Olympics in Río de Janeiro when the Prime Minister of Japan turned into Super Mario.  …

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Where to Stay in Sonoma. The Best Bed & Breakfasts and Inn’s

Donde hospedarse en Sonoma

By Elsie Méndez For one reason or another, the majority of the time we end up staying at chain hotels and sometimes Boutique Hotels. For this trip to Sonoma we decided to stay at one of those small and exquisite properties known as Inn’s and Bed and Breakfasts. We found some options that offer one-of-a-kind travel experiences in a romantic destination …

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The Best Cooking Series on Netflix

Mejores serie de cocina

To celebrate International Food Day, let’s take a look at the best cooking series on Netflix. There has been an explosion of shows and films about gastronomy in the past few years. And now it seems that everyone has their their own project. In the meantime, we bring our four favorites to help you choose, so these gems do not …

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Buen Provecho! CDMX, the First Restaurant Week in Mexico City

Buen Provecho! CDMX

Buen Provecho! CDMX will celebrate the restaurants in Mexico City, gathering diners of all kinds to share culinary experiences at a more accessible price. The first Restaurant Week in Mexico City will be held from November 17 to 24, 2018. What is Buen Provecho! CDMX? Buen Provecho! CDMX is a one-week event that showcases Mexico City as the first-class culinary destination that …

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