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Harvest by Roy Ellamar, From Farm to Table in the Middle of the Desert

Harvest by Roy Ellamar

By Elsie Méndez On recent visit to Las Vegas we went looking for new places and ended up at a destination that exceeded all of our expectations. The big surprise was finding somewhere that not only offers the freshest seasonal ingredients, but also includes the experience of being able to watch as the the ingredients are transformed into dishes. The …

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Harry’s Restaurant: A cosmopolitan menu with extraordinary cuts

By: Carlos Dragonné  For several days now, we have wanted to stop our agenda and visit a place that, in several occasions people have recommended to us in Polanco and that, contrary to common belief, had a discreet and low key inauguration that did not demerit, in the least, the ability of it to have a full house every day. …

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Azul Condesa: “Your Majesty” in The Condesa

By: Carlos Dragonné The Condesa neighborhood has started to become the center of the culinary culture in Mexico City. Proposals such as Merotoro, Jair Tellez and other places that are positioning, have increased the culinary quality of the area and, therefore, the range of options for those who walk through its streets in search of a good place to eat. …

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El Faro, a Classic Restaurant in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

  We instinctively seek out celebration. We all look for moments, alone or accompanied, to store in our small trunk of memories. We can not ignore the relationship between food and celebration, and the special environments that host the memories that we cherish. If you can relate to this sentiment, and you’re on a Christmas holiday and end up in …

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Merotoro: The Mexican Pacific Reinterpreted in La Condesa

By Carlos Dragonné y Elsie Méndez In this search for Mexican flavors in the city -which is, in itself, a risk- there are days when the adventure can surprise you with a totally satisfying experience in lands that you thought were impossible to explore. That’s what happened to me in Merotoro, a restaurant where Chef Jair Téllez invited us to …

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Los Mirasoles: The flavors unite us with the Michoacan´s history.

Review of Restaurante Los Mirasoles (The Sunflowers Restaurant) in, Morelia, Michoacan

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