Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary: Tips to Enjoy the Sanctuary and Where to Stay

Monarch Butterfly

By: Carlos Dragonné @sabormexico The monarch butterfly is a symbol of the beauty and biodiversity of our country. To see their yearly migration is to rediscover why Mexico is the land we love so much. The first time I had the good fortune to enjoy the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary was in 1986. The trip coincided with Halley’s Comet so we …

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It’s The Week of Cerveza México. And You Must Know Where to Go

Cerveza Mexico

This week is the annual event of brewers in Mexico City: Cerveza México 2018. And every year there are several reasons to tell you all what’s worth doing and what to avoid to help you make the most of the event and not to waste any time because there is a lot of beer to be tried. Here is my list …

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The Broadmoor. When the Doors of a Dream Open.

Por: Carlos Dragonné The internet has taken the surprise out of many things. For example, fans of roller coasters release countless videos of first-hand experience on the rides before many have a chance to experience it; movie-goers around the world devour any number of spoilers for films they have been waiting to go see; lovers of gastronomy discover the secrets …

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The Broadmoor. The Flavors of 99 Years of Greatness.

By: Carlos Dragonné It is sunrise in Colorado Springs and the sun barely illuminates the manmade lake that divides the towers of the hotel. The mist has given way to the rays that remind us that there are many things to do and that, before anything else, what is needed is breakfast. Just one night ago they took us on …

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The legacy and origin of Flavors of Mexico and the World

By Elsie Mendez Whenever we talk about the origin of Flavors of Mexico and the World, the question inevitably arises, “And where did this idea come from?” We begin by explaining our experience with the first photography exhibit World Heritage Sites in Mexico, that we presented in 27 cities around the world, and that allowed us to learn more about the huge …

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