Cerveza Noche Buena, the beer for celebrating Christmas.

Cerveza Noche Buena

By Elsie Méndez Cerveza Noche Buena is one of the most eagerly awaited “Special Editions”. Crafted mainly for the winter holiday season, this cherished bottle by the Cuauhtémoc/Heineken group is only available from October to December. The history of this traditional Mexican beer began in 1924 with the german brewmasters who founded a brewery in Orizaba, Veracruz. It is said …

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It’s The Week of Cerveza México. And You Must Know Where to Go

Cerveza Mexico

This week is the annual event of brewers in Mexico City: Cerveza México 2018. And every year there are several reasons to tell you all what’s worth doing and what to avoid to help you make the most of the event and not to waste any time because there is a lot of beer to be tried. Here is my list …

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The Morning Begins with a Good Cup of Coffee

By: Carlos Dragonné While having breakfast with a friend a few days ago, a dynamic reappeared that is repeated so often that we barely notice it take place anymore. Almost automatically, we each ordered an espresso— one with milk for me and a double espresso coffee for him. It was on this day that we both realized that everyone that we know …

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