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Breakfast in Mexico City: The most beautiful places

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by Luis Mario Vargas

The most common social activity to spend time with someone we care about, during the morning, is having breakfast. Either with colleagues, your beloved one, friends, or just to enjoy our loneliness for a while and relax, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why, the place where we eat breakfast should be perfect for us. That way, we would be having a great experience and we would have started our day with the right foot.

In this article, I will show you a list of options in Mexico City where the food, service and ambience are excellent to spend a lovely morning with your favorite person (or people).

Café de la Gran Ciudad on top of the Torre Latino

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The Torre Latino is known for being the hightest tower in the Centro Histórico (downtown) and one of the most iconic buidlings in Mexico City. On its rooftop there is a beautiful cafeteria, called Café de la Gran Ciudad, where breakfast becomes a unique experience. It offers a delicious coffee and a lot of options to eat, such as brownies, bagels and its wonderful corn bread.

What really makes this place so special, is its location. As you are having breakfast and chatting with your companion, you will enjoy the view from the top of the Eje Central and the marvelous Bellas Artes Palace, right across the street. All these elements turn it into the best option for you, if what you are looking for are pictures, exquisite food and a memorable view.

Prizes are pretty low and you do not require a reservation to eat at Café de la Gran Ciudad, but I do recommend you to arrive early, as it can get very crowded during the weekends, due to its popularity and closeness to the historic and touristic places in the downtown of the city.


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This is the perfect option if you are looking for a place with a cool ambience and a modern style to have breakfast. Its specialty are hot cakes with ricotta cheese, as well as their chilaquiles, crispy and dipped in a delicious sauce, accompanied by grated cheese. You can enjoy of the sweet bread they have, from Bakers bakery, as well as fresh juices too.

Motín is located in Tabasco street, in Roma Norte. A very familiar place to the hipster culture and modern and relaxed moods that defines current generations. Soft and electrifying colors of the restaurant combine perfectly with the sweet and friendly flavors that Motín’s great food offers.

Corazón de Maguey

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This restaurant in Coyoacán, more specifically, in Plaza Jardín Centenario #9, is, perhaps, the most complete and versatile on this list, specially if you are looking to experience the typical Mexican gastronomy. Why? Because, in Maguey, they serve Mexican food in the newfangled way of a la carte buffet. The decoration goes hand in hand with its location, and reminds a lot of Frida Kahlo’s famous house, which is very close to Corazón de Maguey.

Some of the options that Corazón de Maguey offers are cottage cheese tetela, drowned fried eggs in chile de árbol sauce (a spicy sauce), tamal ranchero made of chicharrón prensado (pork skin), enchiladas and tacos de tasajo.

They also serve birria (lamb meat soup), green pozole (a delicious soup with numerous ingredients), and caldo tlalpeño. Or, if you’re like me and prefer sweet flavors, there is this wonder called “tamal de chocolate” (chocolate tamale), a variation of the typical sweet tamale that is extremely popular in Mexico.

Los Huevitos y Hot Cakes

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This place is cozy and homely, and its style reminds of the little restaurants in little towns of Mexico. Thwy have little wooden tables, colorful tablecloths and a rustic decoration in general. As its name says, this place, located on the 60th of Manuel Villalongín, its specialty are scarmbled eggs in numerous variations and their, as well, varied pancakes.  These pancakes are huge, puffy, sweet and can be accompanied by blackberry jam, Nutella, honey, maple syrup and many, many other things.

You can also enjoy of their sweet bread, a delicious coffee and natural juices that go perfectly together with the pancakes or eggs.

Los Huevitos y Hot-Cakes is right across the streer of the Sullivan park, where you can find the Monumento a la Madre, which will alow you to submerge in a magical morning ambience, that will make you feel calmed, fresh and peaceful.

Eno in Polanco

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This place is perfect for those who enjoy going out for breakfast during their working day. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with someone else, Eno’s tables are made to incorporate your computer into them and be able to use it as you eat the delights this beautiful retaurant offers.

Among the options Eno offers, there is latte coffee, double and light, accompanied by a avery special cookie. Their scrambled eggs with “hoja santa”and tomato sauce, orscrambled eggs over whole grain bread and guacamole, are always a great option if you are looking for more typical flavors.

As you can see, there are many options to have a tasty and nice breakfast in Mexico City. It is just a matter of exploring a little bit, and you will find the right place for you, that fits your likes and budget as well.

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