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Aguascalientes Style Pork with Purslane Recipe

por Sabores de México

I can’t imagine a better way to enjoy purslane than with this traditional Mexican dish. The Aguascalientes Style Pork with Purslane Recipe that I share with you all what originally published in the book Las Senadoras Suelen Guisar (Senators the Cook), edited in 1964 and never printed again. The person who shared this recipe was the wife of the senator from Aguascalientes during that period.

INGREDIENTS for Aguascalientes Style Pork with Purslane

  • ½ kg of pork
  • 1 kg of purslane
  • ¼ kg of tomatillos
  • Serrano peppers
  • Salt and garlic to taste

Carne de Puerco con Verdolagas



Carefully clean the purslane in order to use only the leaves and their tender stems. Semi-cook the washed purslane. Separately, the meat is roasted and then fried in oil. Prepare the sauce by grinding the serrano chilies, tomatillos, garlic and salt in a molcajete or blender. Add the sauce to the meat and saute with the purslane, balancing the amounts to season well, and let it boil until everything is cooked and the sauce has permeated the meat. Finally, make sure that the meat and sauce is not too dry or too thin, it should reach the desired consistency.
Serve alone or accompanied by beans.

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