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Aguascalientes Style Pork in Green Chili Recipe

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Aguascalientes Style Pork in Green Chili Recipe

We hear so little about Aguascalientes and its gastronomy. I could even say that if it weren’t for the book, Las Senadoras Suelen Guisar (Senetors that Cook), published in 1964, I wouldn’t have a clear idea about the traditional recipes of that state, such as Pork in Green Chili, Aguascalientes Style Recipe. Simple and delicious, this is another great example of Mexican Cuisine.

INGREDIENTES for Pork in Green Chili, Aguascalientes Style Recipe

  • Pork (ribs or loin)
  • Green Chilies
  • Tomatillos with peel
  • Salt and garlic to taste


Fry the meat (cut into pieces) in a pan in its own fat. Add a little melted butter. After frying, turn to medium heat and add a little water and the prepared sauce.

Sauce preparation: Grill green chilies with the tomatillos and grind in a mortar and pestle with salt and garlic. Then fry in the fat from the pork before cooking.

Add the sauce to the cooked pork and leave cooking until it is well seasoned, taking care that there is the right amount of water so that when boiling it becomes thick. The meat should be infused with the flavors from the sauce.

It is served with fried fried beans, tortillas and unsweetened, white corn atole.

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