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Food lovers, tireless travelers, Mexican palates looking for the best flavors and aromas of the world. 

We search for the flavors of Mexico in every corner of the world, the best places to eat, travel and enjoy excellent drinks and live culinary experiences.

The Flavors of Mexico and The World offers the opportunity to re-experience with all our five senses those magical moments in where you indulge while getting to the most beautiful places on the planet.

In The Flavors of Mexico and The World we believe that the true way to experience Mexico is directly through its dishes, its people, its history and directly in the place of origin.

As passionate as we are about gastronomy, we want to share with everyone the unforgettable experiences in each country after getting into their culture, ingredients, traditions, flavors and stories. The scent and colors that define every culinary culture we encounter enriches us and become the narrative soul of the stories we share with readers and followers, so they can get inspiration and motivation to create their own experiences through travel and discovery.

As promoters of Mexican gastronomy, we search for the local ingredients, dishes and flavors of Mexico that are found in all corners of the world source of inspiration for chefs and cooks and stories of joy with those who taste those creations. Mexico’s ingredients and culinary traditions have become cornerstone to other cultures around the world as well as helping the Mexican palate to be one of the most adventurous and diverse palates in the world.

Elsie Méndez Enríquez Director/ Founder

Carlos Dragonné Editor in Chief / Founder

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